Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maillot de Bain

Love this bathing suit from Mociun. Actually, love mostly everything from Mociun. Visit their web store here.

Ballet Shoes

These are great ballet shoes made by Bloch, a company from Australia who has been making handcrafted ballet shoes since the 1930s. These would be so cute with jeans or with a dress in the warmer months. Plus, they look super comfy, which is always important to me. They can be found and purchased here.

Golden Goose Sienna Boots — Swoon!

Totally in love with these Golden Goose Sienna Boots. If only I had some more freelance work right now and could afford them. I think that despite their quadruple-digit price, they would be a good investment. A solid pair of boots can last you for years, and these would definitely be my everyday boots for a long, long time. Timeless design and beautiful quality never go out of style. Check them here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two Cute Rings

I very much like these rings, and they're actually quite affordable too. On the left, the Love Knot Ring by Poupette is $130 at Thistle & Clover; on the right, the Pansy Stacking Ring by Saint Kilda is a mere $120. Check them both out on Refinery29's site here.

Monday, March 9, 2009

jackson, johnson, & roe

High ho, cute clothes! Love Jackson, Johnson, & Roe's Spring 09 line. Check it out here.

Loeffler Randall — The Ultimate Black Boots

I've been drooling over these Loeffler Randall Matilde boots for about a year now. They're $695 and available on Otte's site.

UPDATE 04-10-09: These beauties are now on sale on Otte's site for less than $500! Get 'em while they last!

St. Kilda

So I'm totally into this necklace. Amazing. Bird website. Again.

Cross City Tote by Wendy Nichol

Another cool purse from the Bird site. Check it here.

Tye-Dyed Tote

I like this tote. I found it on the Bird site for $80. Check it out here.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rag & Bone Ballet Flats

Too cute! Found these on the Totokaelo site. Obsessed.

An Expensive Pair of Sandals

I would totally get these, if someone could help me justify the $345 price tag. Opening Ceremony, you do this to me every time . . . Scope 'em here.

Danish Modern Credenzas

Duane and I are looking to swap out some of our furniture in the hopes that one day our apartment will cease to resemble an Ikea showroom. We are currently in the market for a credenza, preferably a Danish modern one that will fit a record player on top of it, and that is less than 50 inches long. I spent a long time on Ebay this morning searching. Turns out there are MANY Danish modern credenzas available, but of course the most beautiful ones are always the most expensive. The bidding for this beauty is at $250, but the reserve hasn't been met yet. There are 4 more days in the auction. I'm curious to see how much it'll go for. . . . Check it out here.

James Blackshaw

It's been a very James Blackshaw-centric weekend. Duane and I caught his performance at ISSUE Project Room last night — just barely since the show sold out, but we were able to stand and listen at the doorway. I've seen him play a few times now, and I'm always entranced by his lightning-fast finger picking and the exquisite, complex, and full-sounding melodies he manages to create with just a 12-string guitar. He has a new album coming out in May on Young God, which he burned Duane a copy of: It sounds just as beautiful as expected. Check out his Myspace site here and get yourself a copy of the new album once it's out here.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Cool website with lots of rainbow pics. Pretty magical. Check it here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ed Ruscha Plays with Words

As a person who loves words, I love Ed Ruscha. This print and other palindromes can be found/purchased here.

Agnes Martin Print

Agnes Martin is one of my favorite artists. I love how soft and delicate her work is, but also how deliberate. Her work maintains a careful juxtaposition of hazy and hard, feminine and masculine. This print is available here.

Sublime Jams

Sublime Frequencies is one of the coolest record labels in existence today. The label releases amazing albums culled from obscure locations throughout the world. From Indonesian pop music, to Balinese gamelon, to Palestinian radio sound collages, to fuzzed out guitar music from the western Sahara. Their albums are sure to astound and captivate. Sublime Frequencies's albums are just that. Sublime. Check out their website here and buy the albums here.